Meanwhile in F1| Police Maastricht spot Formula 1 driver at Amstel Gold Race

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Meanwhile in F1|  Police Maastricht spot Formula 1 driver at Amstel Gold Race

Between all the important news, you can miss a few things during a Grand Prix weekend. Don’t worry, will keep you up to date with all the sense and nonsense from the world of Formula 1 in the Meanwhile in F1 section.

Police Maastricht spot Formula 1 driver at Amstel Gold Race

The police of Maastricht spotted a Formula 1 driver during the Amstel Gold Race, a cycling race. Valtteri Bottas, whose girlfriend is a cyclist, was an attentive spectator. The police officer on duty immediately decided to take a photo with the Alfa Romeo driver.

Daughter Piquet continues to tease Verstappen during live stream: “Hey, that’s me on a pillow”

Max Verstappen could not sit quietly in his chair during a live stream with his girlfriend. Kelly Piquet’s daughter continuously asked for the attention of the Red Bull Racing driver and that resulted in several sweet moments. In an ultimate attempt to get Verstappen’s attention, she brought a pillow with a picture of the two-time world champion on it. ‘Do you have a pillow of your own?’, Verstappen’s friends wondered with a laugh.

Daughter Piquet steals show from Verstappen again: “Look, those are idiots”

Penelope, the daughter of Kelly Piquet, stole the show again on Friday evening during a live stream of Max Verstappen on Twitch. She previously distracted the Red Bull Racing driver during sim racing and now she reports back to the Dutchman’s cameras. The result? Very cute images and comments back and forth between Verstappen and Team Redline, the two-time world champion’s sim racing team.

After Russell, Gasly is now also ‘victim’ of memes after a separate photo

Earlier the internet went wild over George Russell’s pose in the opening video of Formula 1, this time it is Pierre Gasly who has to ‘pay for’ with memes doing the rounds of him. The Frenchman was recently found behind the barbecue in a battle with Esteban Ocon and at one point took a strange attitude, which was captured on film. Internet, come on in!

Red Bull drives in Miami with a special livery

Last year the Grand Prix of Miami took place for the first time, where Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez, among others, showed a special helmet design. This year’s race will take place on May 7, and Red Bull Racing has announced that they will be using a special livery. In the past this has resulted in beautiful works of art, so we are curious to see what Red Bull has come up with this time.

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Formula 1 gave 100 children with special needs an experience they will never forget

In Melbourne, 100 children with neurodiversity and other special needs had the opportunity to enter the pit lane and the pit boxes and talk to the employees of the different teams. Hopefully these young fans will look back with joy on this beautiful experience!

Red Bull hilariously responds to ‘Inspector George Russell’

During one of the Australian Grand Prix red flags, George Russell was strolling around the paddock. He did dwell for a long time at the Red Bull Racing car, and made some observations as ‘Inspector George’. Red Bull responded to this via Twitter, and the team received another hilarious response from Mercedes.

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Gasly pays a visit to his own car in the F1 museum in Madrid

Pierre Gasly has visited the newest Formula 1 museum in Madrid. There was his own AlphaTauri car and also the badly damaged car of Romain Grosjean. In any case, the city does not seem to disappoint the driver.

De Vries visits AC Milan match and meets football legend Zlatan Ibrahimović

Nyck de Vries made a stopover in Milan during the spring break. The AlphaTauri driver visited the Champions League match between AC Milan and Napoli. There he met former Ajax player Zlatan Ibrahimović, a celebrity in the football world.

McLaren responds in a playful way to Hamilton statements Massa

McLaren has responded to statements by Felipe Massa through the British team’s official channels. The Brazilian is considering challenging Lewis Hamilton’s 2008 world title, as he feels it has been unfairly taken away from him. That all has to do with how Massa lost the Singapore Grand Prix that year due to crashgate. Partly because of this, he was one point short of beating Hamilton. Reason for McLaren to respond to this in a playful way.

Verstappen distracted by daughter Kelly Piquet during sim race: ‘Whoa, don’t!’

How Max Verstappen spends his spring break? Well, not surprisingly, the Red Bull Racing driver does that by sim racing. However, the Dutchman did have a moment when Penelope, the daughter of his girlfriend Kelly Piquet, had to distract him while racing. It made for a hilarious yet cute moment.

De Vries and Tsunoda are having fun with the Whisper Challenge

Nyck de Vries and Yuki Tsunoda have the greatest fun during the ‘Whisper Challenge’ in a YouTube video from AlphaTauri. The aim of the game is to guess what the other person is saying while wearing headphones and listening to music. It led to hilarious, but also heartwarming moments between the teammates.

Hamilton gets a funny new photo at the gates as GOAT of Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton seems to have a new photo when he has his pass scanned to enter the paddock. As a GOAT of Formula 1, he does not see a picture of himself, but of a real goat. Mercedes itself says it has nothing to do with this beautiful Photoshop photo. ‘Who did this?’, they ask with a smiley face on their official Twitter account.

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Russell enjoys a game of tennis and takes a picture with Djokovic

George Russell visited the tennis courts and then had his photo taken with tennis player Novak Djokovic. On his official Twitter account, the British driver posted the photo, captioning it: “What a wonderful day to see this man doing what he does best. Thanks for taking the time.’

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Red Bull Racing shares insight into Ricciardo’s first day after returning to the team

After periods at Renault (now Alpine, ed.) and McLaren, Daniel Ricciardo returned to the old nest at Red Bull Racing. The Australian experienced another first day with the team. On this first day after his return to the team, the cheerful Ricciardo was followed by the team, giving an insight into his first day back at Red Bull Racing.

Drivers pose with their cute four-legged friends

It’s National Pet Day in the United States and to celebrate, posted an adorable compilation of some drivers with their four-legged friends. Lewis Hamilton can be seen with his dog Roscoe, but Carlos Sainz and Nico Hülkenberg are also cuddling with a dog in the photo. Alexander Albon cannot be missed either, but he has a hangover in his arms.

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The bromance is growing between the Haas drivers

Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hülkenberg have a contentious history with each other, but this season they are driving together at Haas and the friendship seems to be growing. In fact, it’s almost starting to look more like a bromance, as Haas’s Twitter account describes it. At a press conference, the two drivers give each other sweet compliments, especially about how good their hair is that day.

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Bottas celebrates Easter by bicycle

Where Lando Norris helped his niece look for Easter eggs, Valtteri Bottas chose a completely different way to celebrate Easter. The Finn jumped on his bike and had a nice trip around Monaco in the company of his girlfriend Tiffany Cromwell.

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Verstappen shows new talent: ‘If Cirque du Soleil needs someone’

Max Verstappen showed during the Grand Prix weekend in Melbourne that he can juggle quite a bit. The Red Bull Racing driver immediately throws out an open application: “If Cirque du Soleil needs someone, I’m their man.”

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Ocon immediately knows what race it is after hearing his on-board radio

On Alpine’s Twitter account, Ocon is being tested. The question is whether he can guess the race from his own on-board radios. He knows one radio very quickly after hearing his own cheerful cheers. “I know this one right away,” he says with a big smile. ‘Budapest, 2021!’, that was the race where Ocon crossed the line first.

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Mercedes hilariously shares that it’s not race week yet

It will be a while before we can race again. Due to the cancellation of the Grand Prix in China, there is now a four-week break. Only from April 28 will there be racing again, this time in Baku. Not only the fans, but also the teams themselves regret that it will take a while before the royal class is allowed to drive again. Mercedes shares a photo of Russell’s hilarious pose on its Twitter page, where he is the ‘T’ in the sentence: ‘It’s not race week’.

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Uncle Norris helps with the Easter egg hunt

For many people it is tradition to go looking for Easter eggs during Easter and that is no different in the Norris house. Lando Norris has therefore helped his niece in the search for the chocolates.

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