Meanwhile in F1 | New Haas car makes its first kilometers

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Meanwhile in F1 |  New Haas car makes its first kilometers

Between all the important news, it’s easy to miss a few things. Don’t worry, will keep you informed of all the sense and nonsense from the world of Formula 1 in the Meanwhile in F1 section.

New Haas car makes its first kilometers

The new Haas car, the VF24, has already completed its first kilometers, the team shared on the official X channel. A new video shows how the VF24 drives away from the garages at the Silverstone circuit.

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Williams team boss loses game of nerve spiral

Williams team boss James Vowles was challenged by his racing team’s social media team to play the game of nerve spiral. The Brit was not allowed to touch the wire during this child’s game, but that ultimately did not go well for the competitive team boss.

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Brand new outfits for Sainz and Leclerc in 2024

Ferrari has posted some sneak peeks in recent days regarding the new racing suits for Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, and now reveals what suits will actually look like. The drivers’ new outfits have yellow and white details, as do the shirts the drivers wear under the suits. Previously they were red with black details. Is Ferrari also hinting at a new livery?

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Verstappen wins another sim race ahead of the new season

Max Verstappen naturally participated in Real Racers Never Quit, a series of six sim races by his virtual team, Team Redline. The last race took place on Friday, February 9, and the three-time world champion also won it. However, Verstappen did not cross the finish line with a big lead, this time the difference with the number two was only 95 thousandths.

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Norris shows new helmet design for 2024

Lando Norris will start his sixth season in the premier class of motorsport in three weeks with a new helmet design. On X he shows the first images of his new helmet, which shows that the Brit sticks to the same colors. However, the pattern is different.

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Hülkenberg gives an insight into training sessions

Nico Hülkenberg has given an insight into his training sessions ahead of the new F1 season via his official Instagram channel. It can also be seen that the German is doing some tests at the English university London South Bank University.

The moment the VCARB 01 was shown to the world

Last Thursday night, Visa Cash App RB was the sixth team to show the new 2024 car. VCARB CEO Peter Bayer, team boss Laurent Mekies and drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda unveiled the car during the unveiling in Las Vegas.

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Visa Cash App RB shows racing suits with new color scheme

In 2023, Red Bull Racing’s sister team still went by the name AlphaTauri, but this year the team is called Visa Cash App RB, a name that has already attracted a lot of criticism online. In the run-up to the announcement of the colors of the new car, the team already showed the new racing suits. Just like last season, these are mainly white, with the necessary blue shades. It also becomes clear that the team has no shortage of sponsors.

Hülkenberg responds online to ‘contract extension’: ‘You shouldn’t believe everything’

Earlier today, several media reported online that Nico Hülkenberg had extended his contract with bottom line Haas. The 36-year-old German himself responded online to the reports, which arose after a joke: ‘You shouldn’t believe everything. Someone took a joke a little too seriously.’

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Verstappen present in the Netherlands

Max Verstappen has lived in Monaco since 2015, but occasionally he still visits the Netherlands to visit his family or for a sponsored event. This week, the Limburger also traveled to the Netherlands, where he shared photos of Amsterdam. The caption appropriately reads: ‘Amsterdam.jpg’

Norris makes fun of himself and tries to be nominated for an Oscar

Lando Norris was part of a promotional video together with George Russell for the new long-term commitment of the British Grand Prix. The McLaren driver’s acting skills are already being mocked by all the people who respond. Norris himself sees the humor in it, but still makes an attempt to be nominated for the Oscars.

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Verstappen reveals most important detail of RB20: ‘Will look exactly the same’

Max Verstappen has already revealed in a livestream what the RB20 will look like. Red Bull Racing has had a livery for years that has not actually changed and that will be no different for 2024. “I’m telling you, it’ll look exactly the same.”

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Sainz proudly presents its own kart

Carlos Sainz has set up his own karting project. The Ferrari driver has designed a new kart in collaboration with his old karting team. The name of the kart has of course been carefully thought out, and it is called the CS55.

Hamilton makes himself heard after a much-discussed week: ‘Received so much love’

Lewis Hamilton will drive a Ferrari in 2025 after twelve years at Mercedes. The 39-year-old Briton turned the Formula 1 world upside down last week with the sudden news, and has now responded on X, the former Twitter, to the countless reactions he received. ‘I have received so much love in recent days. Thank you for this, that energy and support means the world to me,” said Hamilton, who is first focusing on his final Mercedes season. ‘I can’t wait to start this season, we are fully committed to 2024.’

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Ferrari breaks silence in Maranello

Ferrari has warmed up the engine of the SF-24, the Italian team’s new car, for the first time. The legendary team shook up Maranello in the run-up to the new season. Ferrari will show the new car to the general public on February 13, and eight days later it will be time for the first day of winter testing in Bahrain.

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Leclerc plays a game of golf with a pained look

Charles Leclerc has been spending his free time on the golf course. However, the Ferrari driver did not have the best game of golf of his career. His pained facial expressions say it all.

Stake F1 shows overalls with lots of green

Later this evening, Stake F1 Team will announce the livery of the 2024 car. Since there are two new title sponsors with Stake and, it was already expected that the red-black car of 2023 would be provided with new colors this year. The team has already shown the overalls: these are black with green sleeves, so there seems to be a good chance that the car itself will also have many green tones.

Leclerc and Sainz complimentary about Ferrari’s new color scheme: ‘Bravo!’

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have already had the opportunity to view Ferrari’s new racing suits. Some changes have been made. For example, the suit will contain white details instead of black details. The names and racing numbers are also prominently displayed on the suit. “Bravo, Ferrari!” said Sainz.

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