Meanwhile in F1 | ‘Maxplaining’ Verstappen back on track: ‘History lesson for everyone’

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Meanwhile in F1 |  'Maxplaining' Verstappen back on track: 'History lesson for everyone'

Between all the important news, it’s easy to miss a few things. Don’t worry, will keep you informed of all the sense and nonsense from the world of Formula 1 in the Meanwhile in F1 section.

‘Maxplaining’ Verstappen back on track: ‘History lesson for everyone’

The concept of ‘Maxplaining’, where the Dutchman explains to his colleagues in detail how his race went and how the car performed, is now a well-known phenomenon in the F1 paddock. However, the Red Bull Racing driver does not seem to stick to Formula 1-related topics this time.

Verstappen presents new helmet for all races in America

Max Verstappen shows off his new, blue helmet for all Grands Prix that will be held in the United States. The Dutchman will therefore be seen wearing the helmet from the next Grand Prix in Miami. Verstappen has been able to record many victories in the United States since 2019.

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Piquet and Verstappen in bathrobe in Japanese spa

Kelly Piquet went to Japan with Max Verstappen, and that is why she shares a few more snapshots of the fun time they had there. It seems that Verstappen’s victory in Japan was well celebrated with some sightseeing, fun and relaxation at the Japanese spa.

Verstappen helps Red Bull expand its sticker collection

Red Bull Racing continues a tradition from 2023 and places the sticker from the country in which they won on its cool box with every victory. There are already three stickers on it, and now the fourth was added after Max Verstappen won in China. The winner was also allowed to stick the China sticker on the cool box.

Verstappen shares photos from a weekend in China

Max Verstappen has shared photos from a successful weekend in China on his Instagram account. The Dutchman took two victories and therefore 33 points, and shares how he celebrates the success with his team and Martin Garrix, among others.

Red Bull once again provides the perfect pit stop

The Red Bull Racing team has been very good at performing fast pit stops for years, and during the Grand Prix weekend in China the pit crew of Max Verstappen and Sergio PĂ©rez also proved to be almost unbeatable, with pit stops of 2 and 2, 1 second to put down. Formula 1’s official X channel also noticed the pit stops, and posted a video showing the pit stop from above.

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