Meanwhile in F1 | Fan spot Verstappen at the airport: ‘Welcome to Saudi Arabia best driver in the world’

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Meanwhile in F1 |  Fan spot Verstappen at the airport: 'Welcome to Saudi Arabia best driver in the world'

Between all the important news, you can miss a few things during a Grand Prix weekend. Don’t worry, will keep you up to date with all the sense and nonsense from the world of Formula 1 in the Meanwhile in F1 section.

Fan spot Verstappen at the airport: ‘Welcome to Saudi Arabia best driver in the world’

Max Verstappen has landed safe and sound in Saudi Arabia. After some stomach problems, the Red Bull Racing driver had to postpone his trip to Jeddah. Thursday evening he landed in the city and there he received a warm welcome.

Bottas will not receive a special dress code for the press conference

Valtteri Bottas was a bit out of place during the press conference for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Four of the five drivers wore their caps backwards and the Finn went for a traditional look.

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Unlike Verstappen, Pérez has already arrived in Jeddah

Sergio Pérez has arrived in the paddock of the Jeddah Street Circuit, Red Bull Racing announced via the official channels on Thursday afternoon. This also makes the Mexican the only Red Bull driver in Saudi Arabia, because teammate Max Verstappen arrives a day later. You can read more about this here.

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Verstappen’s perfect lap that was never completed

During qualifying for the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen seemed on his way to one of his most dominant pole positions ever. However, this did not happen, as the Red Bull Racing driver crashed at the very last moment. Through the official channels, Formula 1 looks back on the perfect lap that was never completed.

Leclerc and Gasly compete during a game of padel

Charles Leclerc and Pierre Gasly have been sporting together for the Grand Prix weekend in Jeddah. The drivers of Ferrari and Alpine have played a game of padel together.

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Pérez stars in Mexican commercial for oat flakes

Sergio Pérez is now the face of the Granvita company in Mexico. The company makes oat flakes, among other things, and the Red Bull Racing driver is now advertising it.

Pérez receives verbal support during race weekend preparations

Sergio Pérez is hard at work preparing for the race weekend in Jeddah. A video has been posted on Red Bull Racing’s Instagram account in which the Mexican is training on the high power he has to use during racing. All he needs to hear is: Go go go, push, up, up, up.

Sainz helps Leclerc with a bracelet: “This is really cute”

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are good friends and good friends like to help each other. This is evident once again from images that their team, Ferrari, shares via Twitter. It shows how the Spaniard helps the Monegask to better leave a bracelet on Leclerc’s wrist.

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Hamilton takes a dip in cold sea water

Lewis Hamilton has started the week of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix well, the seven-time world champion shows through his official channels. The Mercedes driver went for a run and took a dip in the water. On Instagram, the Englishman shows how he does it.

Verstappen repairs his car while he is also racing

Max Verstappen is apparently very good at multitasking. A video has been posted on the Twitter page of Red Bull Racing of the Red Bull driver who decides to repair his car in the middle of a fight during the race. There is a piece hanging on his car that he is trying to remove. ‘A little maintenance in the middle of the battle’, it reads.

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Bottas shows off his new car

Last week Valtteri Bottas added a new car to his collection. The Finn is now the proud owner of the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm. This is a special car, because only 500 copies were made. A number of photos have been posted on Alfa Romeo’s Twitter page where Bottas is admiring the car. ‘Love at first sight’, according to Alfa Romeo.

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Take a ride around Jeddah Street Circuit via Norris’ helmet camera

McLaren is busy preparing for the upcoming Grand Prix in Jeddah and therefore provides unique images recorded with Lando Norris’ helmet camera. The Brit briefly shows from his perspective what it is like to drive a lap on the Jeddah Street Circuit.

Ricciardo tears around: ‘You have less tire wear this way!’

Daniel Ricciardo is still racing, as he posted a video on his Instagram page of him tearing around the meadows in a buggy with a friend. The Australian drove so fast that the tires barely touched the ground. ‘My friend taught me something, so you have less tire wear!’

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