Meanwhile in F1 | Drivers will see the first images of the new circuit

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Meanwhile in F1 |  Drivers will see the first images of the new circuit

Between all the important news, it’s easy to miss a few things. Don’t worry, will keep you informed of all the sense and nonsense from the world of Formula 1 in the Meanwhile in F1 section.

Drivers will see the first images of the new circuit

Currently, the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix takes place at the Jeddah Cornice Circuit, but in the future, probably from 2028, the event will move to the ultra-modern Qiddiya City circuit. GPDA chairman Alexander Wurz helped design the circuit, and showed the first images to the drivers.

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Sainz returns to the paddock

A day after his appendectomy, Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz has left hospital and is back at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit. The Spaniard met John Elkann, Ferrari’s executive chairman, who is present, as is Red Bull CEO Oliver Mintzlaff. Sainz may stay to see substitute Oliver Bearman’s debut.

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Appendicitis is familiar to the Sainz family

Carlos Sainz recently underwent surgery after being admitted to hospital for appendicitis, but luckily the Spaniard still has time for a joke. Together with his father, Carlos Sainz senior, he recreated an old photo in which his father himself is in the hospital bed due to appendicitis.

Hülkenberg enjoys the music, with Alonso pose

Nico Hülkenberg saw his qualifying in Q2 come to an end when his car stalled. The German did not seem too sorry about it, and sat in a chair, reminiscent of old images of Fernando Alonso in Brazil, enjoying the music.

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Albon jokes about sick Sainz: “I know a good surgeon!”

Carlos Sainz cannot participate in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix due to appendicitis. This sounds familiar to Alexander Albon, because the Williams driver experienced the same thing in Monza 2022, allowing Nyck de Vries to make his debut. Albon responds to the Sainz news with a wink: ‘Get well soon, Carlos! I know a good surgeon if you need one!’

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Verstappen is already training hard for the Jeddah race

During the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, all drivers will face a tough challenge as they start this race on the fastest circuit on the current F1 calendar. Good preparation and training is not an unnecessary luxury here, and Verstappen certainly does not forget to train his neck.

Verstappen leaves little space at the familiar wall

In 2021, Max Verstappen was completing a phenomenal qualifying lap in Saudi Arabia before crashing at the exit of the final corner. However, finding that wall is necessary to set a good time, and so Verstappen came close again during the free training in Jeddah. This time he left just a few centimeters of margin.

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Banana peels and shields: ‘This looks like Mario Kart!’

During the first free practice, more and more rubbish appeared on the Jeddah Corniche Circuit. Charles Leclerc therefore had to avoid the necessary plastic bags on the straights: “It looks like Mario Kart,” said the Monegasque, who may need a blue shield on Saturday to win the race.

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Verstappen also sharp in the game ‘Who am I?’ with Pérez: ‘Those are two questions’

Max Verstappen appears to be particularly sharp not only on the track. Also during a game of ‘Who am I?’, where both players have to guess which name is written on the note above their heads based on a question. The idea is that both players take turns asking a question and whoever guesses the correct name first wins. However, Sergio Pérez thought he could ask two questions unnoticed, but Verstappen noticed.

Verstappen sets promising virtual time for Jeddah

Max Verstappen is fully preparing for the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia. Part of the training is a virtual lap in which he is accompanied by Oracle sim driver Sebastian Job. Verstappen sets an impressive time on the fastest street circuit in the world.

Zhou follows in the footsteps of Harry Potter

It seems that Guanyu Zhou already has a second career in mind, as the Chinese driver also seems to be a talented magician. In Bahrain he colored Valtteri Bottas’ hair and mustache bright green, to better match the team’s new color palette. However, the Finn did not realize the successful trick.

Verstappen attends gaming event with Team Redline

Max Verstappen made a stopover in Dubai on his way to Saudi Arabia. There, the three-time world champion attended a Red Bull Gaming gaming event, together with Team Redline, his sim racing team. Verstappen posted some snaps of his time there on his official X channel.

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Pérez needs utmost concentration for TikTok game

Sergio Pérez is busy with a TikTok game and the Mexican needs his utmost concentration for that. Max Verstappen’s 34-year-old teammate does not realize that he is sticking out his tongue. The people around him, on the other hand, noticed and couldn’t suppress a laugh.

Russell pulls out a well-known pose from his bag of tricks again during a photo shoot

George Russell was not only known as a Mercedes driver last season, as the Briton quickly won the hearts of the fans after a number of remarkable actions. The ‘meme king’ of Formula 1 was best known for the very special pose with which he appeared in the 2023 intro, but this season the fun was over and Russell appeared with a normal pose in the intro. Yet he responds to the fans’ wishes, because during a photo shoot he was finally there: the well-known pose.

Alonso waves at Spider-Man

Fernando Alonso has many fans, thanks to his impressive driving skills, but during the drivers parade in Bahrain a very famous fan waved to the two-time world champion.

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Verstappen posts tribute to his father on birthday: ‘Congratulations, dad’

Jos Verstappen can blow out 52 candles today, and to celebrate, the three-time world champion is posting a small tribute to his father. Verstappen senior has played a key role in the young Verstappen’s racing career for a long time, as can also be seen in the old photo that Verstappen posts on his official X channel.

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