MBO trainees also receive a covering expense allowance

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Minister Dijkgraaf
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As of this year, MBO students must receive at least a covering expense allowance during their internship. Because they do not receive any compensation, they now often incur costs themselves, for example to travel to their internship location.

That is the most important agreement in the Mbo Stage Pact, which was signed today by Minister Dijkgraaf of Education, youth organisations, employers and trade unions, among others.

MBO trainees are still often treated differently from, for example, higher vocational education students, who do receive an expense allowance and an internship allowance. And that must change, say the signatories.

In addition to the expense allowance, MBO students must also receive an internship allowance in the future. The parties involved must make agreements about this together. It is not yet clear how high that compensation will be.

Eliminate internship discrimination

The Internship Pact also states that the government, schools and training companies are jointly responsible for banning internship discrimination.

A test is being carried out in which some of the MBO schools and a leading group of companies are participating: the schools place students as trainees based on their learning wishes. The companies must then accept that trainee and are not allowed to look at personal characteristics. The so-called ‘click conversations’ between trainee and company, in which it is examined whether there is a match, are disappearing.

In the meantime, it is being examined whether the trial works to combat discrimination against, for example, people with a non-Dutch surname.

The Stage Pact runs until 2027. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is investing 30 million euros in it.

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