Massa supports former title rival: ‘It is clear that this is his last phase in F1’

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Massa supports former title rival: 'It is clear that this is his last phase in F1'

Former title rival Felipe Massa thinks Lewis Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari is a logical decision and has always thought that the Brit would want to end his career with the Italian racing team. It is clear to Massa that Hamilton is in his final phase in Formula 1, and he also thinks that the Brit may have something to contribute to Ferrari.

After eight seasons as a driver for Ferrari, Massa is one of the men who knows what it feels like to defend the colors of the Maranello team in Formula 1, despite not becoming world champion. Being a Ferrari driver gives you prestige and elevates your name to a completely different dimension, something the Brazilian says cannot be compared to anything else, a feeling he believes was crucial in Hamilton’s surprising decision to join Mercedes leaving after more than a decade together and six titles.

“I always thought that, at some point, he would try to end his career at Ferrari,” Massa told the Portuguese branch of ‘And that moment will really come. He will get there (at Ferrari, ed.), if I’m not mistaken, when he is about forty years old.’ The former Brazilian F1 driver believes that with this chapter, the seven-time world champion will close a cycle in his sporting career, which will last as long as the results on the track are still good. ‘And it is clear that this will be his last phase in Formula 1. One, two, three years. Depending on how long he wants and depending on the results he achieves,” said Massa.

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felipe massa ferrari f1 gp singapore 2022
Massa ‘is a Ferrari fan through and through’ and supports Hamilton’s choice. (Photo: Ferrari F1 Media)

Massa praises: ‘We cannot ignore his value as a driver’

The Brazilian indicates that driving for Ferrari goes beyond just sporting issues, so he certainly understands why Hamilton chose to make that switch. “Well, I think it’s cool, I think it’s impressive when you think about the automotive world, the brand that he will represent, not just because of the driver, but also in many ways in the media. I think it’s really great, it’s interesting,” says Massa.

“I think we can never ignore his value as a driver, his talent and his ability to drive a car. And if he can maybe even contribute something to Ferrari, that will always be positive.’ It will take some time before Hamilton will arrive in Maranello, as he will be driving for the team from 2025. This year is still all about making progress with Mercedes, as Hamilton announced on his Instagram profile.

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