Marko is bothered by Audi’s actions: ‘This is ridiculous’

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Marko is bothered by Audi's actions: 'This is ridiculous'

Helmut Marko is annoyed that Audi is trying to claim a leading role in the driver market. Red Bull Racing’s team advisor does not yet appear to be planning to make a choice for the 2025 driver line-up, but Audi seems to see the current situation as an opportunity to strike quickly.

Lewis Hamilton took the plunge in February by announcing a transfer to Ferrari, forcing Carlos Sainz to look for a new employer. The 29-year-old Spaniard is helped by his strong start to the season, which would put him on the list of Red Bull Racing, Mercedes, Aston Martin, and Audi. “The driver market has already exploded in April,” Marko said in conversation with

Marko doesn’t want to make a choice yet

Max Verstappen has already been secured at Red Bull for the coming seasons, but Sergio Pérez can expect serious competition, especially from Sainz. “Normally no one talks about this in April,” the Austrian hints that he does not want to make a choice about the second driver for 2025 for the time being. Marko is annoyed that it is already about the driver choices. “It’s ridiculous, but we won’t participate in this game ourselves.”

Marko is mainly referring to the role of Audi. The German manufacturer is rumored to have given an ultimatum to Sainz, but Marko thinks he is in control as he has the only seat available with realistic chances of success in 2025. ‘We will wait and watch the situation calmly, and then we will make a choice later that is good for us. I have no idea what’s going on. I understand that Audi is increasing the pressure, but it is a bit strange for a newcomer to increase the pressure on the driver market.’

Pérez contradicts Marko

Pérez himself indicated that he expects clarity soon. “I’m quite relaxed about it,” the team’s current driver told Sky Sports F1. This is my fourteenth season in Formula 1, and whatever happens from now on, I’m happy with my career. It is a matter of time before clarity becomes clear. There’s clearly a lot going on in the rider market, and a lot will become clear in just a few weeks. “I expect to know within a month what I’m doing next year,” said the 34-year-old.

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