‘Marechaussee Schiphol receives hundreds of calls after arrest of Nicki Minaj’ (VIDEO)

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'Marechaussee Schiphol receives hundreds of calls after arrest of Nicki Minaj' (VIDEO)

After American singer Nicki Minaj was arrested at Schiphol on Saturday afternoon because a set of pre-rolled joints was found in her luggage, the Royal Military Police was inundated with calls from international media, according to Algemeen Dagblad.


“I think we have had at least 200 international calls,” a spokesperson told the newspaper. The Marechaussee released a media report on Saturday evening that ‘a 41-year-old American woman’ had been detained for several hours for possession of soft drugs. The export of soft drugs is legally prohibited in the Netherlands.


Minaj had a performance in the Netherlands on Thursday evening in the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome, which she had started hours late. A performance in Manchester was scheduled for Saturday evening, which had to be postponed due to the arrest.

Singer Nicki Minaj posted images of her arrest on social media on Saturday afternoon.

The Public Prosecution Service has imposed a fine of 350 euros on Minaj.


Minaj speaks of ‘sabotage’ and states that it regularly happens that she is duped in this way.

The Royal Military Police says that it sometimes happens that there are ‘indications’ for the export of drugs and that luggage can then be examined.

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