Many more applications for basic grant than expected when 09:52 is reintroduced in the Interior DUO received more than 19,000 more applications for the basic grant than expected. And then many MBO students don’t even know what they are entitled to.

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First-year students get to know each other in the Oosterpark in Amsterdam during the Intreeweek
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Many more students than expected have applied for a basic grant, reports Education Executive Agency (DUO). The body that regulates student funding set the deadline for September 1 and expected some 435,000 applications. More than 454,000 have already done so.

DUO does not yet have a clear explanation for the high number of applications. The earlier forecast was based on the number of students from the loan system who are still entitled to a grant, in combination with the expected new number of students.

The fact that there are now so many more than expected may be because students who did not use the loan system will do so with the basic grant. In addition, more young people may have gone to college than expected. Schools have until October 1 to pass on the students to DUO, then an analysis can be done.

From loan system back to basic grant

The basic grant will be back in higher education from this academic year 2023/2024. The grant replaces the loan system, which has been in effect since 2015.

The idea behind the loan system was that students with well-to-do parents did not need government money and that the savings would improve the quality of education.

The loan system was soon criticized because students accumulated high debts. The recurring basic grant is a performance-related grant: the money a student receives each month is converted into a gift if a diploma is obtained within 10 years.

Apply also after September 1

Students living at home are entitled to 110.30 euros per month. For students living away from home, this is 439.20 euros, including a temporary increase of 164.30 euros due to inflation.

Applications can also be made after 1 September, but students will not immediately receive the funding in the first month of the academic year.

Although many applications were received by DUO, many students also seem to be missing out on student finance. As of this academic year, MBO students receive the same benefits as HBO students, but not everyone is aware of this.

Advantages of MBO students

Parents of senior secondary vocational education students in particular are unaware of the changes in their child’s student finance, according to research commissioned by DUO. This study was started because parents often turn to DUO with questions about student finance.

One of those advantages for MBO students is that the additional earnings limit has been abolished. Just like HBO students, they will soon be able to earn an unlimited amount of extra income, initially there was a maximum of 16,000 euros per year. The study debt of MBO students can now also be paid off in 35 years, where it used to be within 15 years.

DUO asked 500 parents of students to investigate whether they were aware of the changes. Only a quarter knew.

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