Manhunt in Rijsbergen over, three robbers arrested

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More than 70 officers were in the village looking for the robbers

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In Rijsbergen, the police tonight held a manhunt for three robbers who had fled after a robbery at a company in Belgium. All three have been arrested.

More than seventy agents searched the Brabant village for the men. Because the suspects were potentially dangerous with firearms, the police advised residents to stay indoors. They are now allowed to go outside again, the police report. During the manhunt, the access roads to the village were also closed for some time.

When the first two suspects were arrested, the police fired warning shots. One of them was injured when he was bitten by a police dog during the arrest. The third suspect initially seemed without a trace, but the police managed to arrest him later that evening in Rijsbergen.

These are images of the suspects’ flight:

Manhunt for robbers in Rijsbergen

The suspects are said to have robbed an arms dealer in Nieuwmoer, Belgium, writes Omroep Brabant. That is not far from Rijsbergen. The robbers then fled to the Netherlands. They left a car in Rijsbergen and then took off on foot. The found car is being examined.

According to Omroep Brabant, the agents searched the area with a drone, among other things. Car occupants in the village were checked. Officers asked what people were doing there.

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