Man with firearm arrested in Maassluis

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Maassluis – Officers arrested a 19-year-old man with an unknown place of residence on February 3 in Maassluis.

Stock photo police

Police had information that he may have been carrying a firearm. That information was so serious that immediate action was necessary. A firearm was actually found in a house at Nicolaas van ‘t Woudhof. The man was able to be taken to the police station and the weapon was confiscated.

Tip money scheme
Firearm possession leads to the use of firearms that can cause casualties. To reduce (firearm) violence in Rotterdam, one of the measures is a reward for tips that lead to finding firearms. A tipster can receive a maximum of 750 euros for this.

Call TCI
Do you have a tip about a firearm? Then call the Criminal Intelligence Team (TCI). This department handles the reporter’s data very confidentially. The chief public prosecutor ultimately decides whether the tipster will be rewarded with a maximum of 750 euros. Rotterdam residents can report suspicions of firearms via the telephone number of the Firearms Tip Line 06 479 562 32.

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