Man with confused behavior creates chaos

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Tilburg – A resident of Munttorenstraat kept the police busy on Friday afternoon. He was eventually arrested for assault, threats and destruction.

On Friday, September 1, 2023 at 12:50 p.m., the first report came in from Munttorenstraat. There would be a fight between a man and a woman. The man also had a knife in his hand. Several similar calls came in one after the other and surveillance units were rushed that way.


In the street they found a violently emotional package delivery woman. He stated that she was hit on the head by a man out of nowhere when she was waiting at the apartment houses for someone to pick up a package from her. After the assault, she ran away when she saw that the man had a knife in his hand.


Several witnesses also reported to the officers who had seen the incident. They had also seen the man walk away and make swinging movements with the knife. He also stuck the knife in the seat of a parked moped. The witnesses were able to tell that it was a resident of the flat and also on which floor he lived.


Officers broke open the front door of his home, but he was not there. At the storage room, which belongs to his home, the officers saw traces of blood. But after opening the door, it turned out that he was not there either. They did find a bloody knife. A search was launched by the units and a neighborhood investigation was conducted. Then came the report that the suspect would be walking on the grounds of the University. And there the 31-year-old man was finally arrested after threatening to use a stun gun. He has been taken to the station where he has been locked in for the night. He is charged with assault, threats and vandalism. In addition to the criminal process, a care process is also being started in connection with his worrying confused behavior.

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