Man who was arrested in Den Bosch after a chase is a suspect of explosive squatting

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Man who was arrested in Den Bosch after a chase is a suspect of explosive squatting

The police arrested a 22-year-old man on Thursday evening in Kempenlandstraat in Den Bosch after a chase. The man was spotted because he did not comply with suspension conditions, after he was stuck in an investigation into a thud.


The man with an unknown home address was released under conditions pending trial. Because he had not complied with those conditions, he was signaled. His whereabouts were unknown. The police had received information that the man was staying abroad, but might return to the Netherlands with a specific vehicle.

stop sign

When the car in question was captured by a traffic camera in South Limburg on Wednesday evening, that suspicion was confirmed. The car was followed on its route for a longer period of time via several traffic cameras. At the exit Boxtel on the A2 highway, the suspect was given a stop sign, after which the man took off.

ghost ride

During a major chase through Sint-Michielsgestel and the surrounding area, the driver showed very dangerous driving behavior in order to evade the police. Among other things, he drove against traffic and at very high speeds. At one point he even drove against the mandatory direction of travel on the A2 motorway at high speed. At the next turn, the man ended his ghost ride, but continued to run from the police. In Den Bosch he again pulled dangerous antics on the road, in which no one was injured.

Run into police cars

Given the extremely dangerous driving behavior of the suspect and the fact that he did not shy away from driving into police cars, officers broke off the chase several times. Three police cars sustained significant damage. A police helicopter followed the suspect on his route through Den Bosch. He parked his car in Kempenlandstraat and the man fled into an apartment complex. There he was arrested in the cellar boxes by an arrest team.

Fellow passenger

During the pursuit, in which several police units were involved, a second person appeared to be in the suspicious car. This 21-year-old man from Den Bosch jumped out of the car during the chase on Gestelseweg, when it slowed down for a while. The man was arrested and fined because he could not identify himself. According to the police, there was no other reason to keep him longer.

The arrested fugitive suspect is detained and is being transferred to a detention center.

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