Man victim of home robbery

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Terneuzen – The detective is investigating a home robbery on Dinkelstraat. A resident was attacked and robbed by two men on Friday, September 1, around 1:50 p.m.

The victim was not injured. However, the two perpetrators made off with loot. The police were alerted shortly after the robbery and started looking for the robbers. These have not been found.

To give evidence

Police are asking witnesses to come forward and are also looking for CCTV footage from the area. A description of the two perpetrators is known.

Perpetrator 1 is a man, dark skin, about 1.85 meters tall, short black beard, he wore a short dark coat, dark long pants and dark, possibly blue suede shoes. The man spoke poor Dutch.

Perpetrator 2 is a man, dark skin, about 1.75 meters tall, no facial hair, he was wearing a dark jacket with a hood.

Do you have more information? Or do you have camera footage? Then contact the police on 0900-8844. You can also fill out a tip form. Always use case number 2023223520.

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