Man receives TBS for murdering mother because of ‘eating glass’

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Justice demanded TBS with compulsory treatment against a man from Vianen on Thursday. He stabbed his stepmother to death and wounded his father last year after a voice in his head ordered him to do so.

By Joost van der Wegen

Glass in food

The 36-year-old man from Vianen came down around noon on Sunday, September 11, in the house where he lived with his Afghan father and stepmother. Both the father and the suspect themselves state that the suspect was very angry with his stepmother. He accused her of putting glass in his dinner the night before.


The suspect himself states that he was instructed by a voice in his head that morning to kill his stepmother. After being asked to shave that morning, he angrily grabs a knife from the kitchen and walks over to his stepmother. His father’s new girlfriend.

In an attempt to block his son’s way, the father sustains several stab and cut wounds on his chest and hands, among other things. The suspect then stabs his stepmother three times in the abdomen and back. She dies a short time later.

Alarmed police officers quickly manage to arrest the family’s still screaming son on the instructions of local residents.


According to the Public Prosecution Service, it has been known for some time that the suspect has serious psychiatric problems, including schizophrenia. After an investigation, experts state that the man was unable to make a realistic assessment during the commission of the crime: ‘His thinking, feeling and actions were completely controlled by hallucinations and paranoid delusions’.


The Public Prosecution Service considers the suspect to be completely insane and therefore demands no punishment. At the same time, she considers it important that society is protected against the suspect, in view of the highly estimated risk of recurrence. “The demanded treatment within a closed TBS setting for an unlimited duration offers that protection,” the Justice Department said in a message on Thursday.

The court will rule in two weeks.

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