‘Man lifts Tax Authorities for 1.7 million’

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'Man lifts Tax Authorities for 1.7 million'

Last Tuesday, the FIOD arrested a 48-year-old man from Schiedam who is suspected of having paid too little in taxes by 1.7 million euros. The service released this today. The man worked a lot for municipalities as a sole proprietorship.


The formal suspicion is deliberately failing to file a turnover tax return, failing to pay any turnover tax due, filing incorrect income tax returns and committing forgery.

His home was searched under the supervision of the functional public prosecutor’s office and administration, bank accounts, cash, a car and jewelry were seized.


The reason for the investigation were reports about the man and his sole proprietorship to the FIU reporting point about unusual transactions.

The man made large cash withdrawals, among other things. He also transferred large amounts of money to countries outside the European Union.

Fake invoices

With his sole proprietorship, the man was frequently hired by municipalities. According to the FIOD, investigation shows that he probably declared these activities incorrectly by using false invoices.

The man probably also did not file any sales or income taxes or deliberately filed incorrect ones.

In this way he would have paid more than 1.7 million euros too little in tax.

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