Man killed in shooting incident in Houten (UPDATE)

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A 37-year-old man was killed in a shooting in Houten on Thursday morning. Police are investigating, but have not been able to apprehend a suspect.

Police on site after the shooting at Stelhout in Houten on Thursday morning (image: Michel van Bergen, Mizzle Media)


The police reported on Thursday morning that a man was killed in a shooting incident in Houten around 5.30 am. When the police arrive, the man is already dead. She investigates and asks if there are any witnesses who saw something. The police indicate that it is ‘unknown’ why the man was shot, and by whom. “There is no description or escape route known of the perpetrator or perpetrators.”


RTV Utrecht reports that the victim was found on the street. In a parking lot, near the Stelhout, in the Leebrug district. Local residents were awakened by ‘five loud bangs’. With the victim they found a “loudly grieving woman who was kneeling with him.”

The identity of the person is not yet known. The AD writes that the victim would be the son of a couple who live on the Stelhout. He no longer lived there himself, but was a frequent visitor. “He came and he went,” a neighbor told the news website. “We all knew him, we watched him grow up here.” The man would be in his early thirties.

Two ambulances were called. but the emergency services could not do anything for the victim, according to the broadcaster. The crime scene was cordoned off by police on Thursday morning. She also deployed a helicopter after the event.

A Large-scale Investigation Team (TGO) has now been set up to conduct the investigation. This is a police team that can be formed quickly, which conducts intensive investigations, especially in the first days after the crime.

UPDATE: The AD has now reported that the victim is 37-year-old Rishi. According to the news website, he ran an online trade in fruit and vegetable packages, which the company delivered at home. Rishi also referred to himself as Richie. Bystanders believe he was met and shot at close range. The woman who panicked with him was his Hindustani mother, according to neighbors.

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