‘Man from Nieuwegein must pay 6.8 million euros to the State’

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Marcel D. (38) has been convicted of a confiscation order of 6.8 million euros because, as the leader of a criminal organization, he earned money by smuggling drugs to England. The Algemeen Dagblad writes that the amount is much less than demanded by the Public Prosecution Service, which wanted more than 11 million from D..

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In addition to drug trafficking, D. and others in the case were also convicted of money laundering and stealing cars. The court suspected that D.’s criminal organization also committed liquidations, but found no evidence that D. had a hand in the murder of Wout Sabee (70) in De Meern.

In the criminal case, the Public Prosecution Service had demanded 30 years in prison against D., but D. was given 16 years in prison. The appeal in the case is still pending.

D. was also called “Napoleon” or “Smurf” due to his short height.

Battery chargers

The trafficking of heroin and cocaine mainly took place between 2014 and 2016. Five men had to stand trial for it. According to the court, Marcel D. was the leader. The packages of drugs were hidden in hollowed-out batteries and battery chargers, which were lined with lead to make them invisible to scan checks.

The detectives were able to read decrypted messages that the suspects had sent to each other. Fourteen firearms, a machine gun, ten hand grenades and ammunition were found at various locations.

Two men from Nieuwegein were acquitted.

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