Man caught for bank card fraud by voice recognition

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The detective has arrested a 38-year-old Amsterdammer, who would have made two million loot with bank card fraud, with the help of voice recognition. The man pretended to be a customer of two banks and requested bank cards and PIN codes. He then literally fished those cards and codes out of the mailboxes of the customers, mainly companies.

SIM card changed

At one bank he would have activated the cards by using a customer’s telephone number. He would have made this possible by “sim swapping”. This is the replacement of a SIM card of a certain number with a new SIM card so that someone can take over the number. The original subscriber can then no longer use the number.


When the bank called the customer back to verify his identity, the man answered the phone and pretended to be the customer, the Public Prosecution Service believes.

At the other bank, dialing in with a customer’s telephone number is not part of the identity verification. There, security questions were asked when activating a bank card. That would have answered the suspect correctly.

Voice recognized

With the captured bank cards and associated PIN codes, the suspect was able to log into accounts at the banks, which is computer trespass. Then he could transfer amounts to other accounts, and he could also withdraw money.

The two affected banks recorded a number of telephone conversations, kept them and provided them to the police. The suspect’s voice would have been recognized on recorded telephone conversations.

The Amsterdammer was already arrested on February 20 of this year. Until Friday, he was in full restrictions and was only allowed to have contact with his lawyer. He’s still stuck.

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