Man arrested after fraud investigation

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Rijswijk / The Hague – On Tuesday, March 19, after extensive investigation, the police arrested a 45-year-old man on suspicion of fraud, theft and money laundering. The police searched a home in The Hague and a funeral home in Rijswijk.

The investigation is still in full swing, the suspect is in custody and will be heard. The investigation started early last year after two banks filed a report with the police.


During the searches, bookkeeping, administration and data carriers were seized for further investigation. Various bank accounts were also seized during the action.

Money laundering

In order to be able to spend illegally earned money in the upper world without running the risk of it being immediately confiscated by the justice or tax authorities, it must be laundered. This concerns, for example, money that comes from drug trafficking, human trafficking, theft, social or tax fraud. Laundering your own criminal profits or the criminal profits of others, and also participating in this, is a punishable offense.

You can find more information about money laundering here.

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