Man arrested after assaulting woman on the street

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Roosendaal – Police officers arrested a 27-year-old man (place of residence unknown) in the early morning of Monday, February 12, 2024. The man had recently assaulted a woman he did not know on Burgemeester Freijterslaan. He also probably smashed a window.

The woman was walking her dogs around 5:15 a.m. when she heard glass shattering in the distance. A little later she came across a man she did not know near Mesdagstraat. The man came up to her, scolded her and suddenly hit her. Then he ran away. Unfortunately, the woman was not yet freed from her attacker. He came back and started hitting and kicking the woman again. A police unit just passing by, which had responded to a report of glass shattering, saw this happen and immediately intervened. The victim was injured and was checked and treated at the scene by ambulance personnel. She has filed a report. The police are investigating her case.

Traffic offense

The suspect immediately ran off when he saw the police. Only when the officer threatened to use his stun gun did the man surrender.
At the police station he did not cooperate with a breath test and saliva test, nor with a breath analysis and a blood test. The police cannot therefore determine whether the man was under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication or a combination thereof. Refusing to cooperate with a breath analysis or blood test is a traffic offense. An official report is therefore also being drawn up against the man for refusing these examinations.

Window destroyed

Research also shows that the report about glass shattering is probably also related to the arrested suspect. The window of a house on Burgemeester Freijterslaan appeared to have been destroyed. The police suspect the arrested suspect of having destroyed that window and will take this into account in the follow-up investigation. The suspect is still in custody.

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