Man (60) arrested in 35-year-old missing person case Duncan Zwakke

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Man (60) arrested in 35-year-old missing person case Duncan Zwakke

In the investigation into Duncan Zwakke, who disappeared almost 35 years ago, a 60-year-old suspect was arrested in his hometown of Eerbeek on Monday morning. The man is suspected of involvement in the disappearance and death of Zwakke. The man is being held for questioning.


The police conducted additional investigations into the cold case on March 19 and April 3, 2024. Extensive research took place twice in the basement of a building on Nieuwstad in Zutphen. Previously, a sonar boat was also used to search for traces in the IJssel in Zutphen that could possibly lead to finding Duncan Zwakke. The police hope to find traces of this with new resources and techniques.


Duncan was last seen on Tuesday, October 17, 1989 at café De Spaan in the center of Zutphen. He was 31 years old at the time. His body was never found. A reward was offered at the time for the golden tip that led to the solution of the case. This reward has not yet been paid out and amounts to 15,000 euros.

Double life

For a recent AD podcast, Duncan Zwakke’s former girlfriend said that her ex was leading a double life. He would regularly have stayed away from home longer. The quiet pacemaker technician turned out to be a major player in the regional drug trade, police told her.


At the time of his disappearance, Duncan and his ex-girlfriend were in the middle of a move to Warnsveld. During that move, Duncan was helped by his then 28-year-old comrade Evert-Jan van Til, today a real estate entrepreneur and owner of the Zutphen catering business De Boule (formerly Le Boulevard).

‘Dark types’

Van Til was arrested together with two other suspects in connection with the disappearance of Duncan Zwakke, but all three men were released due to lack of evidence. Van Til is said to have seen Duncan getting into a car with ‘dark types’ just before his disappearance. Several people witnessed this.

It is still unclear whether the 60-year-old suspect from Eerbeek arrested today is one of the suspects who was arrested almost 35 years ago.

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