Man (45) quickly arrested after series of scams in Amersfoort

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Amersfoort – Amersfoort – A 45-year-old man has been arrested after good detective work on suspicion of several scams in Amersfoort during the past few days in Amersfoort. The man would have rung the doorbell at several homes and gained access to the home(s) himself. Several elderly people have fallen victim to this form of fraud.

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Vulnerable elderly duped
Around 09:00 the doorbell rang at a house on Chopinstraat. The residents aged 86 and 91 opened the door, after which a man immediately entered the house. Once in the house, he asked for money to travel to his mother. The man got the money and left the house.

Later that day, around 7 p.m., the man rang the doorbell of another home located on Liendertseweg in Amersfoort. The man managed to gain the trust of the 72-year-old resident and managed to steal money. There is no feeling of guilt, because a little after 00:00 the man rang the doorbell again at the same house, after which the door was opened. The man stormed in and snatched the wallet. After a heroic act by the resident, the resident managed to get his wallet back. The suspect fled this time without any loot in the direction of Banckertstraat.

Investigation leads to arrest
After the various reports, the police in Amersfoort started an investigation into the 45-year-old suspect. This morning a new report came in about a scam of a 71-year-old victim. Again a man rang the doorbell at a house, now located on the Kwikstaartpad. At the door, the man told the victim that he had locked himself out and was extremely grateful that a neighbor opened the door. The man asked the victim if he could come in to call his mother. The suspect managed to take the victim’s wallet with him in all speed, after which he left the house. After extensive investigation, the suspect was arrested in Amersfoort shortly after this incident. The man is being questioned and an investigation is being carried out into his involvement and possible relationships between these four scams.

Don’t let them gain your trust
Don’t open to anyone! Not expecting a visit? Don’t recognize the person standing at your door? Then leave the door closed. In addition, always make sure to lock all your doors when you leave. Even if you’ll be back “soon”. Offenders know how to gain access to your home very quickly.

Conversation at the table
Unfortunately, it is often the (vulnerable) elderly who fall victim to fraud. That is why we appeal to their children. Talk to your parents about this kind of bad practice every week. Make the elderly aware that they do not open the door to anyone they do not know. Together we create safety.

Suspicious situation
Do you see a suspicious situation with yourself or perhaps with your neighbours? Then call 112 immediately. Have you experienced this yourself recently? Then don’t hesitate and contact us on 0900 – 8844. Would you like to leave an anonymous tip about an incident? Then do this completely anonymously via MeldMisdaadAnoniem 0800—7000 or click on the tip form below.

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