Man (37) arrested on suspicion of (inter)national drug trafficking

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Arnhem – The police arrested a 37-year-old man from Arnhem early Tuesday morning on suspicion of (inter)national trafficking in narcotics. Searches were carried out at two addresses, and soft and hard drugs were found.

The searches took place at Venlosingel and Singelstraat in Arnhem. A quantity of ketamine was found at the first address. Several kilograms of hashish and a smaller amount of suspected hard drugs were found on Singelstraat. Everything has been confiscated.


The police tracked down the man through information from intercepted crypto communications. After investigations, the man was eventually arrested. Further investigation into this case is ongoing.

A 37-year-old woman from Arnhem was also arrested in one of the homes for possession of narcotics. Both the man and the woman are currently in custody.


The drug trade is accompanied by violence, intimidation and a mixture of the upper and underworld, also known as subversion. Tackling it has a high priority for both the police and the Public Prosecution Service. Are you confronted with signals of (drug) crime in your area? Always report this to the police via 0900-8844. You can do this completely anonymously via 0800-7000.

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