Man (28) from Borculo arrested in missing Wico van Leeuwen case

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The police arrested a 28-year-old man from Borculo on Monday in the investigation of Wico van Leeuwen (48), who has been missing since May 2022. The man is suspected of possible involvement in the disappearance of Van Leeuwen, who, according to the police, was killed by a crime.

The police say they are currently not making any reports about the investigation or about the suspect, who is in restrictions. This means that he may only have contact with his lawyer.

Multiple searches

The investigation into the disappearance of Wico van Leeuwen is in full swing. Several searches have recently taken place: in a house in Borculo and Neede, but also in a wooded area in Geesteren, a pond in Eibergen and the Twente Canal in Enschede. The police assume that the victim is no longer alive and that he died as a result of a crime. His remains have not yet been found.


The 48-year-old Van Leeuwen (1.93 tall and somewhat lanky) regularly earned some money with garden maintenance. It is known that he visited the Wesselerbrink in Enschede on May 14. A day before he disappeared, he had been working for a regular customer in Neede. There he promised to come back a week later to finish the job.

Van Leeuwen was last seen alive in Borculo on May 17, 2022. When he cycled away from there just after 5.30 pm, he went on his way to the Heerlijkheidstraat in Borculo where he was staying at the time. What happened after that is still a mystery.

Discovery Requested

The case was paid attention to last week in the TV program Opsporing Verzoeken. According to the police, several tips were received. The Public Prosecution Service has also offered a reward of 10,000 euros for the tip that provides clarification in this missing person case. On Tuesday, February 28, the investigation will be discussed again in Opsporing Requested.


Since the disappearance, a team of 20 detectives has been working on the disappearance of Wico van Leeuwen. Although the police assume a crime, all scenarios are still being kept open. Van Leeuwen has also said that he had plans to go abroad. However, it is unlikely that he would do so without informing anyone.

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