Major explosion Blancefloorstraat

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Amsterdam – In the evening of Thursday, November 16, 2023, a serious explosion took place in a stairwell of homes on Blancefloorstraat in Amsterdam-West. A lot of damage is caused: the pressure of the explosion has blown a hole in the first floor of the stairwell, partly causing the ceiling of the floor below to come down. The walls and front door are also damaged. A life-threatening situation, in which fortunately no one was injured. Who is responsible for this? The police have started an investigation and are urgently looking for witnesses and images.

Around 7:15 p.m., a reporter called the police and said he heard a loud bang in Blancefloorstraat, which also set off a fire alarm. Once on site, the fire brigade and police officers find havoc in the stairwell. Several residents were at home at the time of the explosion. Fortunately, no fire breaks out, but that could easily have ended differently. The Explosives Safety Team Leader (TEV) and specialists from Forensic Investigation (FO) then start the investigation. This shows that an explosive was detonated shortly before.

There is no trace of the suspect(s). The police have started an investigation and are therefore urgently looking for witnesses and images, or people who have information about a possible cause.

Witness call
The police would therefore like to get in touch with witnesses to this serious explosion. Do you have footage from the period before, during or after the incident, for example from security cameras, video doorbells or dashcams in nearby parked vehicles? Then the research team would like to get in touch with you. Have you also seen or heard anything that could help the investigation? People can report via 0900-8844 or anonymously via 0800-7000. You can upload the images using the tip form below.

The Amsterdam police unit has again experienced many incidents involving explosive objects this year. This is worrying, because the danger environment for entrepreneurs, local residents, passers-by and emergency services on site is obviously great. Heavy illegal fireworks, jerry cans with flammable liquid or homemade explosives do not belong in public spaces – where people are busy working and living – and create life-threatening situations. That has to stop. The police are working hard to track down suspects involved in this form of excessive violence. This has already led to several arrests, convictions and significant prison sentences. But to track down the perpetrators, the police desperately need local residents. After all, they know their neighborhood best. Even if something is not right in the street scene, they notice it first. Passing on information to the police is therefore crucial.

Reporting helps
Do you see suspicious situations? Then report it! If you find it scary or exciting to report, you can always do so anonymously or confidentially. Then use Report Crime Anonymously or the Criminal Intelligence Team. This is a department trained in shielding tipsters and informants. They are trained to obtain information in an unobtrusive manner and to protect the informant at all times.

BVH No: 2023261096

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