Major devastation after Kikkenstein explosion: police are looking for witnesses

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Amsterdam-Zuidoost – An explosive went off at a house on the Kikkenstein in Amsterdam-Zuidoost on Sunday afternoon, March 17. Fortunately, no one was injured, but the damage to the house was extensive. The police would like to get in touch with witnesses who know more.

Just before noon, the police received a report of an explosion at a house on Kikkenstein. There was a man in the house at the time who was startled awake by the loud bang. A major fire breaks out at the rear of the house, causing major damage to the windows of the house at the rear. Fortunately, the fire brigade managed to extinguish the fire quickly and the victim emerged from the house unscathed, but there was considerable devastation both in the house and around it. The explosion probably also released asbestos.

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Detectives are investigating this case and would like to get in touch with witnesses. Have you seen or heard anything? Or do you have other information that could be important for the investigation? Please contact the police (quoting case number 2024063607) on 0900-8844. Would you rather remain anonymous? Then call Report Crime Anonymous on 0800-7000. But camera images can also contribute to the investigation. Do you have relevant images? Then easily upload this via the tip form below.

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