Lower sentence for Albanian burglars in the port of Vlissingen

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Two Albanians were sentenced to four months in prison by the police judge in Middelburg on Wednesday because they were present unauthorized in the port of Vlissingen-Oost a month ago. The Public Prosecution Service had demanded one year in prison against both, but the police judge found that there was insufficient evidence that the two men wanted to use drugs.

Hole in fence

The two Albanians, KS (40) and ET (46), were arrested in the port of Vlissingen-East on the night of 17 to 18 February 2023. This happened on Finlandweg in Nieuwdorp, after the two had previously crept into the harbor through a hole in the fence. Police dogs were deployed to find the suspects.


According to Omroep Zeeland, a note with a map of the port, the name of a container ship and some Albanian words was found with the men. A flashlight and a screwdriver were later found under a container. The Albanians can also be seen on camera images walking and searching between containers.


The Public Prosecution Service found that this was enough evidence that the two wanted to get drugs from a container and demanded one year in prison. The Eastern Blocs themselves stated that they wanted to travel to England by boat. The police judge does not believe that, but nevertheless sees too little evidence that the suspects came to use cocaine. It could also have been weapons or telephones.

The two were therefore sentenced to four months in prison.

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