Lower risk of Parkinson’s with high vitamin E intake

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Vit E and Parkinson's

People who consume more vitamin E through their diet have a lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. Taking extra vitamin E has no effect on the development of the disease. This is evident from large research among American adults.

Lower risk due to vitamin E

The epidemiological study, at least put it somewhere so that it is clear what type of study), based on data from the NHANES database between 2009 and 2018, included 13,340 participants, all over 40 years old. The researchers studied data about their diet and looked at a link between the intake of vitamin E-rich foods and the prevention of Parkinson’s. During the study period, 182 participants developed Parkinson’s. The researchers found that participants with a higher vitamin E intake, for example by eating nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables every day, were less likely to develop the disease.

Protection by natural source

It is striking that supplementation with vitamin E in the form of tablets was not associated with a reduced risk of developing Parkinson’s. The researchers suspect that only natural sources of vitamin E-rich foods provide the protective effect. Out earlier Dutch research It is known that oxidative damage plays a role in the cause of Parkinson’s and that vitamin E as an antioxidant probably offers protection against this.

Research into optimal quantity

The researchers conclude that a diet rich in vitamin E, such as the Mediterranean diet, helps support brain health and is associated with a reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease. However, more extensive research is needed to unravel the underlying mechanisms and a determine optimal amount of vitamin E in the diet.

Source: Frontiers in Nutrition

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