Livestream: Police, Customs and Military Police invite you

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Moerdijk, Terneuzen and Vlissingen-Oost – On Wednesday evening, November 15, Police, Customs and Royal Military Police will organize a livestream on Facebook about Seaport Crime. Find out what kind of crime is going on in the seaports of Moerdijk, Vlissingen-Oost and Terneuzen and discover what you can do about it yourself.

The recent start of the Seaport Police in Zeeland and Moerdijk and the collaboration with Customs and the Military Police have already produced many great results. Extractors are regularly arrested and cocaine intercepted.

There’s more to it

However, there is much more going on in the ports. Things you may never have thought about, such as human smuggling, theft, labor exploitation and environmental crimes. These facts sometimes lead to threats and violence, not only in the ports. This also moves to areas outside the seaports.

Asking questions

How do you recognize crime in the ports and what can you do about it? It is possible to ask questions during the livestream. So do you have questions about crime in the ports or what the Police, Customs and Military Police do to combat this? Then set this during the livestream.

The live stream

You will find a link to the livestream on the sixteen Facebook pages of the basic teams of the Zeeland-West Brabant police region on Wednesday, November 15. During this live connection it is possible to ask questions directly to the people of the Police, Customs and Military Police via the chat. The livestream will take place on Wednesday, November 15 and starts at 7:30 PM.

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