Liquidation target (53) suspected of arms trade and import of 100 kilos of cocaine

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Liquidation target (53) suspected of arms trade and import of 100 kilos of cocaine

Before the court in Haarlem, Wensley G. (53) was tried on Monday in a pro forma hearing for the trade in firearms, cocaine possession and preparation for the import of 100 kilos of cocaine. In 2014, Wensley G. was liquidated. He is a cousin of Alexander G., who was liquidated in February 2014.

Drug offenses

The indictment that Crimesite has seen shows that G. is suspected by the Public Prosecution Service of trafficking in firearms in the period between September 2020 and February 2021. He is also suspected of co-perpetrating the preparation of the import of 100 kilos of cocaine. The facts are said to have taken place in Nieuw-Vennep. In addition, he would have been in possession of 2 kilos of cocaine in February 2021.

The Public Prosecution Service also wants to file a confiscation order against G. on account of criminal earnings.

Liquidation preparation

In the summer of 2014, the liquidation of Wensley G. was prepared by several serious criminals. According to the court, decrypted Ennetcom messages showed that the suspects Iliass K. and Hamza El H. were guilty of this preparation, and that Gökhan C. was an accomplice. The three would have hunted the intended victim in a professional manner. The intended target was spotted and tracked with a sounding beacon under his car, but the GPS tracker would have found it in time.

sounding beacon

G. was placed in the enemy camp of Gwenette Martha by suspects and, according to the judiciary, was on a death list. The division of roles between the suspects was clear to the Public Prosecution Service: Hamza el H., as a spotter, provided location data of the target to Iliass K. via physical observations and track and trace. With that information, K. then sent an unknown person as the shooter. Gökhan C. also searched several times for the intended target.

In January 2022, Illiass K. was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Himalayan liquidation process for, among other things, the murder of Alexander G. Co-defendant Gökhan C. received almost 25 years and Hamza el H. seven years.


Wensley G. is a cousin of the criminal Alexander G. who was liquidated in February 2014 in Zaandam. According to the Public Prosecution Service, there was a suspicion that G. wanted to take revenge for the murder of his cousin and that he was involved in the liquidation of Gwenette Martha on 22 May 2014 in Amstelveen.

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