‘Link between Enschede metal company and money laundering case Piet Costa’

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Zacharias I. (42), one of the directors of the Enschede metal company MRT Metaal, has been detained since February 3 for money laundering and weapons possession. RTV Oost writes that his case is related to a major investigation into money laundering of cocaine dealer Roger P., alias “Piet Costa”.


I. was arrested during the large-scale police action on February 3 in the investigation into the hacked crypto service Exclu Messenger. The police previously confirmed that a suspect had been arrested at MRT Metaal at the Binnenhaven in Enschede, but that was a different person than Zacharias I.

mike de w .

According to the judiciary, there has been an investigation into I., who would have various connections with the company International Metal Trading from Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel. Through that company of metal millionaire Mike de W. many hundreds of millions are said to have been laundered. Money that would partly come from Piet Costa, who is now serving a prison sentence of almost 18 years.

According to RTV Oost, Mike de W. and Enschedeer Zacharias I. would have had regular meetings. I. would also have brought De W. into contact with a regional car dealer, who sold several luxury cars to the Rotterdammer.

The now bankrupt company International Metal Trading traded in gold on a large scale. By cheating with invoices from that company and companies in Montfoort and Luxembourg, money was laundered.

Hold longer

The pre-trial detention of Zacharias I. was extended by three months by the court in Rotterdam on Monday. He is suspected of money laundering and possession of firearms.

Two suspects, including a brother of Mike de W., are fugitives and may be staying in Dubai. Justice thinks that De W. has channeled at least 240 million euros in laundered drug money to Dubai.

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