Lineker (temporarily) left the BBC, after a fuss about tweet British asylum policy 17:58 in Abroad , Football The BBC reports that Gary Lineker has broken internal rules. If the former footballer and presenter promises to adjust his behavior on social media, there is still a way back.

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Former footballer Gary Lineker will temporarily stop presenting the BBC program Match of the Day, in which the summaries of the English Premier League can be seen. There was a commotion around Lineker last week because of a tweet in which he compared the new British asylum policy to the practices of Nazi Germany.

According to the BBC, the presenter’s Twitter message violated public broadcaster guidelines. Lineker will not present the football program until there is agreement and clarity about his use of social media, the BBC said.

In the tweet in question, Lineker stated that fewer refugees are being taken in in Britain compared to other major European countries. “This is just incredibly cruel policy targeting the most vulnerable people in a language not unlike that of Germany in the 1930s.”

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s spokesman called the tweet “unacceptable” and several Conservative politicians called on the BBC to intervene. At the same time, Lineker also received a lot of support.

His colleagues Ian Wright and Alan Shearer, also well-known former footballers, announced via Twitter on Sunday that they would not join Match of the Day. The analysts are in solidarity with Lineker, with whom they have been working for years.

Lineker himself has not yet responded. According to former BBC presenter Dan Walker, Lineker just wants to remain a presenter but is not prepared to apologize for his statement.

New asylum plans

The immediate reason for Lineker’s comments is a tweet from the British Home Secretary, Suella Braverman. She explains the government’s asylum plans in a video. The intention is that illegal migrants will no longer be able to obtain asylum.

According to the new law, these people should be taken to their country of origin or to a safe ‘third’ country such as Rwanda. “We have to stop the boats,” the video reads.

The 62-year-old Lineker played 80 international matches for England, in which he scored 48 times. After his football career, he became one of the most famous sports presenters in Great Britain.

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