Life sentence for German nurse who killed patients: ‘Wild rest’ 12:41 in Abroad Mario G. (27) has admitted that he gave patients in his department strong doses of sedatives because he was too tired to work.

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Mario G. in court in Munich
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In Munich, a nurse has been sentenced to life in prison for killing patients he thought were too restless. The man was found guilty of two murders and six counts of attempted murder. He may also never again work as a nurse or caretaker for the elderly.

Mario G. (27) admitted at the trial that he gave patients on his ward in a hospital in Munich sedatives to calm them down. The doses were so strong that two patients aged 80 and 89 did not survive.

The reason given by G. was that he was hungover and did not want to do too much in his services. “I was aware that it could lead to death, but I didn’t care. I wanted peace,” the judge quoted the convict as saying.

According to local media, the judge spoke of a confession that almost knocks you out of balance. The man had also said in court that he would probably have continued his practices had they not been discovered. In his closing speech he had said last week that he was sorry.


G. committed the murders in the second half of 2020 in a hospital in the center of Munich. During hearings it turned out that he sometimes had a bottle of vodka and more than ten beers before he started his shifts. He usually worked at night.

The German Public Prosecution Service had demanded life imprisonment without the possibility of parole and TBS. Because G. is still relatively young and because he has expressed regret, the judge waives a TBS order.

However, the court has determined the so-called “special gravity of the debt”. This means that G. cannot be eligible for early release after 15 years.

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