Liège public prosecutor’s office: self-defense when shooting quad biker in Oupeye

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The quad rider’s funeral in Herstal
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The Liège public prosecutor’s office thinks that the police officers who shot dead a quad bike driver in Oupeye last month acted lawfully. The public prosecutor speaks of “legal self-defense”, write Belgian media.

It was unsettled for a long time in the neighboring municipality of the Walloon city of Liège after officers shot and killed a 30-year-old quad rider during a police check. The man refused to cooperate, fled and drove into a police officer. Another officer responded by shooting twice in the direction of the man.

“The police officers used all arrest techniques,” the prosecutor said. “Initially, they turned on their flashing lights in the hope that the driver would stop. They then positioned their vehicle to stop the quad. According to all witnesses, the quad driver was speeding and endangering pedestrians and even motorists. “

Mayor goes into hiding

In Oupeye last month, a large crowd rallied for several nights battling authorities “and trying to lure them into ambushes,” Mayor Fillot said. The demonstrators set fires, destroyed bus shelters and smashed the windows of homes and a primary school. The mayor was forced to go into hiding for some time.

  • Belgian mayor goes into hiding after threats
  • Continuing unrest in Liège after shooting man by Belgian police
  • Abroad

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