Legionella bacteria found again in Houten sewage treatment plant

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One of the locations in Houten where an increased concentration of the legionella bacteria was found.

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The legionella bacteria was found in the sewage treatment plant in Houten last week. It is the third time in six months that the bacteria has been found in Houten, and the second time at this treatment plant.

The bacteria was found in an aeration tank of the sewage treatment plant at De Staart. According to the Stichtse Rijnlanden water board, the contamination was found during a regular check of the water in the tank.

The cause of the increased concentrations of the legionella bacteria is not known. For the time being, no patients with legionella have been reported to the GGD Utrecht.

Measures after contamination last year

Last autumn, thirteen people in Houten became ill after a legionella infection. After the bacteria was last discovered in Houten in November, measures have been taken, writes RTV Utrecht.

For example, two aeration tanks at the sewage treatment plant were partially covered in December last year. “The chance of spreading the legionella bacteria from the aeration tank is very small in this way,” says the water board.

Face masks

A new ozone installation in Houten was commissioned last Sunday. This device removes extra substances such as medicine residues from the water, but also helps to remove the legionella bacteria, says the water board.

To prevent contamination, employees and visitors to the sewage treatment plant site must wear mouth masks for the time being. In addition, the party planned to celebrate the use of the new ozone installation has been cancelled. This would include the municipality of Houten and the GGD.

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