Legal ban on flash delivery drivers under the age of 16, too dangerous on a fast bicycle These rules will now also apply to the delivery staff of fast shopping services.

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Young people under the age of 16 are already not allowed to deliver meals, now the flash delivery is added
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Young people under the age of 16 will soon no longer be allowed to deliver groceries for a fast grocery delivery service, the so-called flash delivery service. The deliverers often drive fast on an (electric) bicycle through the busy traffic and that is too dangerous. The pressure to deliver groceries quickly is also too great for children under the age of 16, says Minister Van Gennip of Social Affairs and Employment, who will amend the child labor law.

Since July 2020, 13, 14, and 15-year-olds are not allowed to deliver meals. The PvdA and GroenLinks thought that the ban should also apply to flash delivery drivers and Minister Van Gennip agrees. She hopes to have the ban take effect this year, in 2023. An exact date is not yet available.


For children between the ages of 13 and 15, the rules for working in a supermarket, for example, will be relaxed. Now they can work until 7 p.m. This is extended by one hour to 8 p.m., but only on non-school days or non-school weeks, to prevent too little time for homework or “social activities”. The parents must also agree.

The ministry has also looked into whether there could be better control over the work of young influencers, children who sometimes earn a lot of money from vlogging. That is not easy, because the work is mainly done at home and there is no real employer. Minister Van Gennip is concerned because these children sometimes have to post videos under great pressure and stress.

“Experiences in which children are used as a revenue model by their parents or companies must be tackled better,” the minister writes to the House of Representatives. She will see if young influencers can fall under the rules of young artists; they are only allowed to work a limited number of days in the year. The minister will now look into this further.

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