Last plane with evacuees from Sudan arrived in Eindhoven 16:18 in Binnenland A total of 160 Dutch people have been evacuated from Sudan, where the paramilitary group RSF and the army have been fighting against each other for two weeks.

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Evacuees from Sudan arrive at the airbase in Eindhoven
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The last evacuation flight with Dutch people who stayed in Sudan landed at the airbase in Eindhoven. Most Dutch people known to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have been in Sudan have now left the country. The Dutch ambassador was also on board the Boeing 777.

A total of 160 Dutch people were evacuated, more than half with Air Force aircraft. Others could fly with planes from other European countries. The Netherlands also took citizens from other European countries on flights.

Last night the eighth and last plane left Sudan. The C-130 Hercules transport aircraft first flew to Jordan, where a Dutch rescue team was stationed. Later that day, that transport plane with the crew arrives in the Netherlands. Dozens of other countries have also taken diplomats and compatriots from the East African country.

Parties extend ceasefire

The paramilitary group RSF and the Sudanese government army have been fighting against each other for more than two weeks. The warring parties have extended the current ceasefire by three days, an RSF spokesman said. The extension starts at midnight.

A ceasefire has been signed several times, but it has been broken again and again. Even today, despite the ceasefire, fighting continued in the capital Khartoum.

Humanitarian crisis

The Red Cross today succeeded in getting relief supplies into the country through the eastern coastal town of Port Sudan for the first time since the conflict. The cargo contains material for hospitals to treat injured civilians and soldiers.

At least 500 civilians have been killed in the violence. The country is in the humanitarian crisis and the population has little access to water, food and electricity. Tens of thousands of Sudanese are trying to flee to neighboring countries, such as Egypt.

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