Las Vegas GP beneficial for F1 in America: ‘Makes American fans even more enthusiastic!’

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Las Vegas GP beneficial for F1 in America: 'Makes American fans even more enthusiastic!'

Formula 1 has been placing increasing emphasis on attracting new American fans in recent years, and according to Tyler Epp, the current president of the Miami race, the Las Vegas Grand Prix was a perfect calling card for the three American races on the calendar . Despite the criticism that the Grand Prix of Las Vegas had to endure for a long time, the action on the track and the entertainment still made for an exciting race, and that secretly also had advantages for the other American Grands Prix.

Opinions remained divided for a long time about the race weekend in Las Vegas, and there was no shortage of creativity. Formula 1 is said to focus too often on the show and not enough on the action on the track, according to many, a third Grand Prix in America was too much and the residents of the city were also completely dissatisfied with the course of events in the run-up to the race weekend. Yet the organization of the Grand Prix of Las Vegas managed to turn the tide with a particularly exciting race, even after the incident-rich Friday, including a loose manhole cover and postponed training session.

GP Las Vegas combination of competition and drama

After an exciting, action-packed race, it is no wonder that the Grand Prix of Las Vegas has remained in the memory of many fans, but in conversation with, Epp opened up about the experiences of the organizers of the Grands Prix in Miami and Austin after the success of Las Vegas. “I really think that race took Formula 1 in America to another level,” he emphasized. ‘We often talk about it among ourselves, because it is and remains dangerous to tar all American Formula 1 fans with the same brush. But we all like competition and drama.”

Epp, who was responsible for organizing the second Grand Prix of Miami in 2023, has no shortage of self-insight and experience. According to Epp, the race in Las Vegas added a lot in favor of the organization. ‘The Vegas race had both competition and drama! And our race in May was a bit like that, so I think it only helps if we can organize a good and exciting race on American soil. That will only make the American fans even more excited!’

Success Las Vegas ultimately benefits all American races

It remained exciting for a long time during the organization prior to the Grand Prix of Las Vegas, because all public roads were transformed into a street circuit. However, according to Epp, the organization of the race arranged everything perfectly, because despite the problems it caused for local residents, it still resulted in a fantastic race. ‘I can’t stop talking about the efforts of Renee (Wilm, CEO of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, ed.) and her team, because the race was a truly fantastic achievement. As a community of promoters, we naturally support and defend each other, because we all know how quickly mistakes are made and how stories get around.’

Nevertheless, Epp believes that the Grand Pix of Las Vegas is a fantastic addition to Formula 1 and the sport in the United States. “As a promoter of America, we naturally believe that an improvement in one area will bring progress for all parties involved, and we desperately wanted this to be a successful effort.” Epp himself was also present in Las Vegas when the Grand Prix was held, but the president of the Miami Grand Prix only has praise for the organization in Las Vegas. ‘We were there and offered all the support we could, but Renee and the rest of the organization did everything they could to invest in the sport as best as possible. Once the race arrived on Saturday, it was even more noticeable.’

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