Large inspection action on road transport in Aalsmeer

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Driebergen-Rijsenburg | Aalsmeer – On Tuesday, February 14, various enforcement services held an integrated inspection of road transport in Aalsmeer. In addition to the Infrastructure Department of the National Unit, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT), the Dutch Labor Inspectorate and the National Road Traffic Agency (RDW) were also present. Observers from Poland and Lithuania also watched from the European Labor Authority (ELA). The purpose of the joint action was, in addition to enforcing the rules for road transport, to exchange knowledge and experience.

In total, the enforcement services checked 28 vehicles. This concerned both Dutch and foreign trucks from within and outside the European Union. Each service used its own control authority. Among other things, they looked at driving and rest times, tachograph use, transport permits, vehicle technology, loading and loading requirements, driving licenses and professional competence, illegal employment, wages, employment and the posting directive, mala fide business operations and exploitation.

Violations were found in twelve of the twenty-eight vehicles checked. The violations consisted of vehicle technical matters (4), overloading (1), minor violations related to the use of the tachograph (8) and the lack of a transport permit (4). An official report or a fine report has been drawn up for these violations.

In addition to the violations, benefit fraud was suspected during the action day. In addition, following the day of action, the Labor Inspectorate is conducting further investigations into two companies.

Enforcers in Europe work together
The action was organized within the framework of Roadpol, at the request of the ELA (European Labor Authority), by the Infrastructure Department of the National Unit. The enforcement authorities of EU member states are working together on a safe, fair, socially and ecologically sustainable road transport sector. They do this, among other things, by harmonizing enforcement and knowledge sharing, information exchange, training and education. The ECR (Euro Control Route) also carries out several joint checks every year on driving and rest times, manipulation of the tachograph, transport of hazardous substances and the technical condition of vehicles.

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