Large drug lab found in Overijssel

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Driebergen – On Friday, March 22, a large drug lab was found in a warehouse with no less than 150 kilos of MDMA and hundreds of kilos of raw materials.

After an investigation by the National Investigation and Interventions Unit (LO) led by the National Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Special Interventions Service entered the warehouse in Overijssel on Friday morning, March 22, 2024. The police found a large drug lab that was in full operation, two people were busy at work. The two suspects, aged 49 and 41, come from North Brabant and were immediately arrested. The resident (44 years old) of the adjacent farm has also been arrested. After a search of the farm, narcotics were also found there. It was striking that hundreds of snakes were also kept there. These turned out to be legal after assessment by the NVWA.

Street value of 450,000 euros

According to the National Dismantling Facility (LFO) of the National Expertise and Operations Unit of the police, it is a large drug lab that was professionally equipped. The warehouse contained approximately 150 kilos of MDMA (raw material for ecstasy) and many raw materials for producing many hundreds of kilos of synthetic drugs. The street value is about 450,000 euros. They spent until late Saturday afternoon dismantling the lab and removing the items. The suspects were brought before the examining magistrate in Zwolle today and remanded in custody.

Severely contaminated soil

Such production locations pose a major threat to the health of people, animals and the environment. The chemical processes released during the production of synthetic drugs, the uncontrolled storage of the necessary chemicals and the dumping of drug waste cause very heavy contamination of the surrounding soil and groundwater. Literally all life that comes into contact with drug waste dies. Remediation of contaminated soil is very time-consuming and, above all, an expensive process, with the costs often borne by society. An initial investigation has shown that the soil under and around the warehouse is seriously contaminated. This aspect also receives explicit attention in this study.

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