Kravitz surprised by Red Bull’s reaction: ‘Maybe they had seen it coming’

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Kravitz surprised by Red Bull's reaction: 'Maybe they had seen it coming'

Following good practice, SkySports reporter Ted Kravitz, aided by his notes, also summarized qualifying in Suzuka. The Red Bull Racing team not only managed to take first place on the starting grid, but also second place with Sergio Pérez. A festive occasion, then. Yet, according to Kravitz, the festive mood was hard to find within the team.

Fortunately, the team’s mood did not remain the only topic of discussion. Much attention was also paid to how Pérez had defended his second place.

Not enthusiastic enough

“They glided like two swans into first and second place,” Kravitz begins his report. Verstappen set a time of 1:28:197 during qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix and his Mexican teammate crossed the line in 1:28:263. Enough for a one-two for the Austrian team.

‘It looked like Pérez had something to fight for and he did. McLaren was in the race (for second place, ed.),” says Kravtiz. But according to the Brit, Pérez did not only fight Lando Norris. ‘Pérez had to work really hard to get that second place. At the same time he also competed with Verstappen.’ In the end, the Mexican could not beat the Limburger, but Verstappen was not completely satisfied.

“Verstappen himself was not very lucky,” Kravitz continues. It could be heard on the on-board radios that Verstappen himself was not too satisfied with the lap he had set. ‘It seemed that even Red Bull was no longer really enthusiastic about getting pole position. Maybe because they already expected it.’

Red Bull’s biggest chance maker

According to Kravitz, it is not right to simply assume that first place can be achieved as a team. ‘You can never expect anything in Formula 1. I want them to be enthusiastic. They certainly have the best chance of victory.’ According to the Brit, the Austrian racing team has done well to make upgrades to the RB20.

“They came up with four upgrades. The car is now cooled differently. Adjustments have also been made to the floor of the car. The team should be really proud of themselves, because (the upgrades, ed.) have definitely improved the performance,” said Kravitz.

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