Knoors does not understand Ferrari’s choice for Hamilton: ‘Then you create unrest within such an organization’

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Knoors does not understand Ferrari's choice for Hamilton: 'Then you create unrest within such an organization'

Ernest Knoors does not understand why the Ferrari team wants to bring Lewis Hamilton to Maranello. The former engineer of the Italian racing team thinks that the arrival of the seven-time world champion could cause a lot of unrest. After all, Charles Leclerc has signed a new long-term contract with the racing stable. Nevertheless, Knoors hopes that Hamilton’s switch will cause fireworks.

All through Thursday there has been talk about Hamilton’s possible switch to Ferrari. On Thursday afternoon, the transfer seemed to be a certainty, but nothing had been officially announced by either team. Still, Knoors thinks it is a strange transition. “I find it difficult to reconcile with the recent, long contract extension of Charles Leclerc,” the former Ferrari engineer told De Telegraaf.

‘It looked like Ferrari was going to bet on one horse; So Leclerc. Now you’re also making him a bit insecure,’ Knoors continues. The Italian racing team has often made it clear in recent years that it made no distinction between the drivers. Sainz therefore received the same treatment as Leclerc, although it did not always end well for the Scuderia. Knoors now expects even more unrest at Ferrari. ‘Someone like Hamilton naturally has his own requirements.’

‘I can imagine that Hamilton also wants to bring some of his own people and that Ferrari may also be committed to that. Then you create unrest within such an organization,” the Viaplay analyst continues. Although Knoors does not understand the switch from Ferrari’s point of view, he thinks it is good for the sport. He therefore hopes that the Briton can compete with Max Verstappen. ‘That’s a story, of course. Formula 1 and the fans will love it.’

‘Hamilton has become frustrated in recent years’

Hamilton’s timing does come as a surprise. After all, the driver had just signed a new contract with Mercedes. “I suspect that Lewis has become frustrated at Mercedes in recent years and has not always felt heard. If there is a huge offer from Ferrari, then as a driver you are more sensitive to it. Whether it is a driver or an engineer: everyone’s dream is to work for Ferrari. That is a temptation difficult to resist’, says Knoors.

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