King Filip (63) broke three ribs while kitesurfing, but working visit continues

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King Philippe on archive image
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Belgian King Philippe broke three ribs while kitesurfing at the beginning of April, reports the French-language news site Sudinfo.

During a holiday in Spain with family and friends, the 63-year-old king took up kitesurfing, one of his favorite hobbies. That’s where it went wrong: he fell badly and broke three ribs.

As a result, his visit to French Guiana last Friday, where he attended the launch of the European space probe JUICE, almost fell through.

“He overcame the pain and long flight hours to attend,” writes Sudinfo. “He is not a former paratrooper for nothing: he shows perseverance,” says the newspaper group from Belgium.

The Belgian media had already noticed that the king repeatedly put his hand on his right side when visiting South America. King Philippe also shouted “Ouch!” while boarding the helicopter.

The Belgian royal family does not want to say anything about the king’s accident. In the meantime, all his work visits and appointments will continue.

Kitesurf Roi / King

Kitesurf Roi / King

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