Kidnapping turned fatal failure: OM demands up to 20 years in prison

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Kidnapping turned fatal failure: OM demands up to 20 years in prison

An attempt to kidnap a 45-year-old Colombian led to the shooting of the intended victim in the center of Bergen aan Zee. The Public Prosecution Service is demanding up to twenty years in prison against a group of eight suspects in the Judicial Complex at Schiphol on Wednesday. The shots fell on February 16, 2021 at 3:45 PM. The Colombian was driven to Bergen by family, but succumbed on the way to a hospital.

Associated homicide

The maximum sentence of twenty years was demanded against Marius M. (36), against the fugitive Ardijan A. (28) and against a man aged 49. One of the total of nine suspects (aged 28) remains to be liquidated in Macedonia on March 6. The suspicion against seven suspects is: co-perpetration of qualified manslaughter and co-perpetration of attempted deprivation of liberty, whether or not resulting in death. The suspicion against an eighth suspect is lighter: complicity in the co-perpetration of an attempted unlawful deprivation of liberty resulting in death. The case of the liquidated ninth suspect will be closed later.

Shortly after the events in Bergen aan Zee, six Colombians were arrested, who turned out to be friends of the victim. During the arrest, approximately six hundred thousand euros were found, as well as two alarm pistols, for which the Colombians were prosecuted in a different case.


The reason for the shooting incident turned out to be a conflict in the world of drug trafficking. Marius M. was assaulted and robbed in a house in Zandvoort on February 11, 2021 by several Colombians with whom he had an appointment to buy drugs. He was robbed of 150,000 euros and a Rolex watch. Instead of cocaine, they wanted to sell him sugar.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, M. has devised a plan to take revenge together with others. That is why via via an agreement was made, supposedly to buy drugs from the Colombians. That appointment was scheduled for the fatal February 16 in Bergen aan Zee. The Colombians chose the location.


The evidence mainly comes from messages made legible by the police from the encryption services Sky ECC and An0m. According to the Public Prosecution Service, location data from telephones prove that the suspects came to Bergen aan Zee from different parts of the country on the day of the appointment. There are also camera images available of a meeting at a fast food restaurant in Amsterdam.


The planned kidnapping in Bergen aan Zee went wrong because the victim resisted and was shot. According to the Public Prosecution Service, all suspects who were present then ran off. The victim’s girlfriend and his son lifted the seriously injured man into a car and quickly drove to Bergen in search of a hospital. On the Stationsstraat in Bergen, the police stopped the car and help was provided on the spot by police and hospital staff. But that was of no avail.

Gunshot residue

The shooter was the 28-year-old suspect, prosecutors said, he is a fugitive. The shot was fired during a struggle. A glove was found with DNA from one of the suspects on the inside and gunshot residue from the firearm that was used on the outside. The detective determines this on the basis of the shell casings found at the crime scene.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, all suspects must have been aware of the plan to kidnap one or more Colombians in Bergen aan Zee. All action was discussed in advance by the group. The Public Prosecution Service therefore speaks of ‘professional criminals’.

After the failed kidnapping, the suspects continued with drug trafficking, according to the judiciary.

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