Kenyan police investigate 21 cult deaths Yesterday, 21:23 in Abroad Cult members are said to have been encouraged by their pastor to fast until death.

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In eastern Kenya, police have opened 21 makeshift graves believed to contain members of a Christian sect. Police discovered the graves in a forest after receiving a tip about recent deaths in the cult.

The graves are located near a building where 15 members of the Good News International Church were taken away by police last week. Then four people were so weakened that they died on the way to the hospital after the police raid.

The Good News International Church is led by Reverend Paul Mackenzie Nthenge. Members are said to have been encouraged by him to fast until death. That way they would get to heaven and meet their creator.

‘Hostile propaganda’

Former members of the Christian group helped determine the exact location of the graves. “We were able to show the graves to the police and also rescue a woman, otherwise she would have been dead within a few hours,” a former member told a local television station.

Mackenzie was arrested today. Last month he was also arrested because he is suspected of having ordered the parents of two boys to starve and suffocate their sons.

The pastor recently denied that in court. He then said that he has been the target of hostile propaganda from some of his former colleagues.

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