‘Karim B. tried to siphon off money in Thailand’

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'Karim B. tried to siphon off money in Thailand'

Amsterdammer Karim “Taxi” B., who was arrested in Marbella, Spain at the end of January, tried to hide from the police and rival criminals, including in the Dominican Republic and Thailand. He did this according to various Spanish media after his brother Samir “Scarface” B. was murdered on the Costa del Sol in 2014. And in 2017 there was the deadly attack in Marrakech, where a judge’s son was mistakenly killed.


Karim’s brother “Scarface” B. headed a large network that imported cocaine into Europe. Karim B. fled to the Dominican Republic after 2017 and invested in real estate there. He also tried to do that in Thailand, and in Melilla, the Spanish enclave in Morocco. According to the National Police in Spain, he used the Spanish embassy in Thailand through contacts.

The criminal organization he is suspected of running in Spain is said to have laundered drug money from Spain on an international scale. That Spanish investigation started in June 2018. 172 real estate objects have now been seized by the Spanish authorities.

The Hague

The Netherlands has requested the extradition of Karin B. in connection with a drug investigation in The Hague.

The question is whether B. will first go to the Netherlands or will first be tried in Spain.

Het Parool writes that Karin B. has reported herself to the police in Spain and that there is also speculation within the criminal environment about whether B. might make statements. But there is no indication of this.


In the criminal case about the criminal organization of Rico “Chileen” RV, the justice department stated that that organization planned to liquidate Karin B.. Justice sees this Chilean, together with the Amsterdam Neapolitan Raffaele Imperiale, as allies of Ridouan Taghi. Naouafal “Noffel” F. was also part of this. The latter, RV and Ridouan Taghi are all stuck. Imperiale has made a deal with the judiciary in Italy (it is not yet known whether he has also made statements about Dutch suspects).


Het Parool writes that the underworld feud between the group of the B. brothers and those around Ridouan Taghi on Karin B.’s side also involved the Amsterdammer Danny K.. K. was convicted in 2017 in the so-called Andes investigation for leading a criminal organization, money laundering, threats, attempted serious assault and attempted extortion.

Another rival of Taghi’s group was Mustapha F., who is currently in custody in Morocco for money laundering

Lucas Boom

After the murder of Samir B., attacks on people from the group around Danny K. and Karim B followed in 2014 and 2015. For example, in November 2014, martial artist Hans Nijman was liquidated in Beverwijk. In June 2015, Lucas Boom was shot dead in Zaandam and in November 2015 there was a failed assassination attempt on Peter “Pjotr” R in Diemen-Noord. In October 2015, a beacon was placed under the car of Amsterdam criminal Gordon F in Amsterdam-Oost. ., who also belonged to the group of “Scarface”. After B.’s murder, the police warned Gordon F. that he is on a death list (F. was sentenced to six years in prison in April 2022 for shooting a friend while under the influence of cocaine).

The liquidation of Rachid Kotar in Amstelveen was probably also related to the feud.

In 2017, there was the failed attack in a café in Marrakech in which an uninvolved boy was shot dead. Mustapha F. was the owner of that café, and most likely the target in that attack. Several Dutch people, including relatives of Ridouan Taghi, have been convicted of that murder.

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