Kadaster restricts possibility to search houses by name Yesterday, 21:48 in Economy Five professional groups are still allowed to search unlimited. The rest of the people have to apply every time.

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The housing offer at a real estate agent in Delft
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From next month, the Land Registry will limit the number of people who can look up addresses by name in the registers. Only civil-law notaries, bailiffs, brokers, financial companies and government organizations can still make full use of this function.

From now on, business users who do not fall under one of these professions must submit an application to the Kadaster for each file. The information will then only be released after approval.

Sensitive addresses

In the Land Registry – for a fee – all kinds of information about an address can be viewed, for example who owns a house, how much has been paid for it and what mortgage has been taken out on the house. Companies can also search by name on a protected part, for example to see which houses are owned by someone.

Last month, RTL News revealed that this protected part was easy for everyone to view, for example by registering as a professional company. For example, malicious parties could request residential addresses of judges, lawyers, politicians and, for example, ex-partners.

Who is looking for what?

Kadaster is also introducing other measures to prevent abuse. This makes it easier for certain professions, such as journalists, judges and lawyers, to shield addresses if there is a possible threat.

In addition, better records are kept of who looks up what in the registers, so that the police and judiciary can check who may have leaked address details. From 2024, professional users will also have to log in with eHerkenning, a kind of DigiD for companies, to request data.

The option to look up real estate via an address is not shielded. According to the law, the registers of the Land Registry must be public, so that everyone can look up who owns land or buildings.

  • Millions of addresses and data easy to view due to error at Kadaster
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