‘Justice has insufficient evidence against suspected murder of Murat Kücük’

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'Justice has insufficient evidence against suspected murder of Murat Kücük'

Justice has little evidence for a possible conviction of one of the suspects in the liquidation of Murat Kücük last June. The Public Prosecution Service therefore wants to interrogate two more men who could possibly play a crucial role in a possible conviction. That’s what RTV West writes.

Under fire

Murat Kücük, 41, was shot dead while sitting in his parked car on June 23 last year. He was shot at by someone on the back of a motorcycle. The driver and shooter managed to escape. Kücük may have been shot dead due to a financial conflict.

A beacon is said to have been placed under his car. A so-called Ekol Gediz, a ‘counterfeit Glock’, or a Turkish gas alarm pistol, is said to have been used for the murder. This weapon is said to be currently popular in the criminal environment.

No conviction

The public prosecutor came to a new interim hearing on Tuesday with a surprising announcement: “If there were to be a substantive hearing now, I would not be able to get a conviction for it,” the prosecutor said.

During the first court hearing in January, the 31-year-old suspect QLC stated that he had nothing to do with the murder: “I was asked to commit that murder and I said: find someone else and eat your money.” This Rotterdam suspect is also being prosecuted for possession of weapons, for which there is said to be enough evidence. The public prosecutor hopes to complete the evidence against QLC later. The Public Prosecution Service wants to interrogate two more men who may be able to tell more about the motorcycle used in Kücük’s murder.


The second suspect in the murder of Murat Kücük is 31-year-old OY from Zoetermeer, who, according to the police, drove the motorcycle. His lawyers want to interview a dozen more witnesses who can make exculpatory statements about the man.

The substantive hearing of the case will probably only take place at the end of this year or early next year.

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